A OCEANING–Consulting Engineers, is an office of Coastal and Port Engineering with main focus on undertaking studies and projects in the sea, the coastal zone, estuaries and ports.

OCEANING was founded in 2018 and brings together the different experiences of its partners and collaborators which together equate to almost 100 years in engineering related to Maritime, Coastal and Port Engineering.

OCEANING maintains a network of professional contacts with other consulting offices, allowing our integration in multidisciplinary teams, increasing their value and adapting them to the specificity of each project.



We undertake Feasibility and Design Studies, Expertise, Project Coordination and Technical Assistance, in the following areas:

Port Structures

Port Structures

Port Planning and Development;

Berthing quays and Port Embankments.

Marinas and Leisure Ports

Marinas and Leisure Ports

Nautical and land layout;

Floating and Port Equipment;

Navigation aids.

Port Sheltering

Port Sheltering

Slope and Vertical Breakwaters;

Floating Breakwaters.

Navigation Channels and Manoeuvring Basins

Navigation Channels and Manoeuvring Basins

Navigation Channel design;

Operationality and Navigation Conditions;

Dredging and Dredging Deposition;

Maintenance Dredging Plans.

Maritime Hydraulics

Maritime Hydraulics

Data Acquisition and Statistical Processing;

Wave Propagation Studies;

Overtopping of Coastal Structures;

Storm Situations Assessments.

Coastal Protection

Coastal Protection

Hard and Soft Protection Solutions;

Artificial Feeding of Beaches;

Coastal Dynamics and Coastal Evolution;

Multifunctional and Innovative Works.

Rivers, Estuaries and Lagoons

Rivers, Estuaries and Lagoons

Bank Erosion Control and Stabilization;

Dredging and Deposition in Inland Waters;

Natural Engineering Solutions;

Dredging Plans.

Sea Pipes

Sea Pipes

Sea Outfall and Intake Pipes;

Pollutant Dispersion Numerical Modelling;

Piping Protection Solutions;

Sea Cables;

Specialized Engineering Services

Specialized Engineering Services

Procedures for Public Tenders;

Assistance to Project Owners during Construction;

Review of Studies and Projects;

Follow-up of studies and specialized work.



Emphasis is given to emblematic projects in which OCEANING technicians have been (or are) coordinators and/or had/have significant participation, before an after the foundation of OCEANING.


OCEANING team is prepared to coordinate and carry out engineering studies and projects in areas involving ports and coastal structures, marinas and recreational ports, access channels, wave climate, coastal protection solutions, river, estuaries and lagoons projects, sea outfalls and water intakes.

Founder and Managing Partner

Founder and Managing Partner



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